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NanoXmegaA1U Microcontroller Module based on AVR Xmega® ATXmegaA1U microcontroller (Atmel®)

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NanoXmegaA1U Microcontroller Module based on AVR Xmega® ATXmegaA1U microcontroller (Atmel®)

Key Features

  • Microcontroller module based on AVR Xmega128A1U TQFP100 microcontroller (Atmel®), maximum CPU frequency 32MHz
  • Program-and-debug Connector (6pin) pin-compatible to PDI interface of Atmel®-ICE Programmer
  • Power Switch TPS2113APW (typ. 84mOhm on-resistance)
  • Power supply configuration:
    • External 5V Power Supply connected to P2-1 Pin or
    • VBUS On board LDO voltage regulator 3,3V
  • Micro USB-Connector
  • USB section ESD and EMI protected (Filters and Suppressor diode array: VBUS, D+, D-)
  • USB Detection Resistor Divider connected to PK7
  • User-Key Reset the microcontroller
  • User-Key connected to PQ2
  • User-LED connected to PQ3
  • C-L filter connected to AVCC pin, decoupling capacitors connected to VCC path
  • Microcontroller IO pins are routed to pinheader connector pads P1 and P2 (2 x 22-pin 2-row, contact spacing 2,54mm, module fits on 2,54mm perfboard)
  • Quartz 12MHz connected to XTAL pins
  • Quartz 32,768kHz connected to XTAL32 pins
  • Pcb dimensions 38mm x 66mm, maximum module high of 6,1mm
  • Pcb technology: FR4, two layers, solder resist, surface immersion gold, RoHS

XmegaA1U Microcontroller (Atmel Website)
AtmelStudio Development Environment (Atmel Website)


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