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7" TFT display with a capacitive touchscreen and a decorative cover glass that comes in two versions: black and white.

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A Riverdi 7" TFT display with a capacitive touchscreen and a decorative cover glass that comes in two versions: black and white.

The 800x480 resolution provides crisp and clear colors, while the screen is driven by the powerful BT815 graphics controller.

The display features the standard SPI/QSPI interface. A high-quality Riverdi 7" TFT display module with a specially designed capacitive touchscreen.

These types of screens are extremely touch-sensitive and allow for clear and bright images. We recommend a capacitive touchscreen display if your application needs multi-touch, gestures, and high-precision. The o?clock 12:00  viewing angle allows the user a natural and intuitive way to interact with the display.

Riverdi RiTFT-70-CAP-UX

Sleek design without any holes in the housing A uxTouch display is a specially designed LCD TFT display which has a Projected Capacitive Touch (PTC). They are the perfect choice for your project if you intend to have an interactive design and technology, thanks to their absolute flat design and multi-touch feature. As you can see they feature a modern and sleek design without any holes in the housing. On the technical side, they are a great option for industrial spaces, since there is no dirt accumulation possible. They also feature chemically strengthened glass, which has increased durability, thanks to the process of ion-exchange. They are easy to assemble, easy to clean and easy to implement into your design.

Controller: EVE3 BT81X
Größe: 7,0"
Touch: uxTouch (capacitive)
Auflösung: 800x480
Addon: LED Backlight Inverter
Interface: SPI I2C
Farben: 16,7M

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